April 10, 2018

Let’s Get Physical!

     “Let me hear your body talk…. your body talk.” That song lyric makes me think two things. One; nobody wears leg warmers when they exercise anymore and two; your body does a lot of talking. Physical fitness has benefits that are obvious to even the most casual observer but the one I’m talking about is subtle and can take time to recognize. When you are active and in good shape you can’t help but be in touch with your body in a very intimate way. You become accustomed to certain sensations when you put stress on your system and an unexpected variation will not go unnoticed. It’s actually like an early warning system and you should pay attention to the signals. Now don’t get crazy because most of the time the sensations are routine. They are indicating something inconsequential like a cold that is coming on but I have seen other, more profound conditions revealed in a workout setting. Initially the symptoms can be puzzling but they can help alert you to a change that may need attention. The first salvo is often a drop in your endurance. It’s subtle and can be a very short-lived (just a one off situation from a virus) but if it persists you should take the next step. Strength, endurance, recovery time, energy level and a general feeling of well-being are your reality when all is normal. If things change for no good reason you would be wise to listen because your body is talking to you.  When all is said and done the unvarnished truth is this: when you take your body out for a spin on a regular basis you are going to be much better informed than if you leave it parked on the couch. Yep. This whole fitness thing just keeps looking better and better, doesn’t it?  Yes, it does.