How do we succeed? I love the following analogy and I use it with my clients. In All the Presidents Men Hal Holbrook tells Robert Redford a story about Gordon Liddy. Holbrook says “I was at a party once and Liddy put his hand over a candle. He kept it there. Kept it right in the flame until his flesh was burned. Somebody said ‘what’s the trick’ and Liddy said ‘the trick is not minding.’” We can use this concept of emotional detachment to our advantage (sans burnt flesh). Add that to a proper diet, sustainable workout schedule and habits form that will change everything; one follows the other in a direct line to success allowing you to leave behind the wreckage of your former fitness failures. We will develop a perspective that redefines fitness by the decade while engaging this new emotional mechanism to deal with discomfort, because pain will pass and in the end, as we now know, the trick is not minding. I have run a successful training business on the north shore of Chicago since 2002. The workouts I construct and the philosophy behind them helps my clients succeed as they navigate the path of sustainable fitness that can last a lifetime.