April 13, 2018 tonybo8_wp

The Gravity of Weight Training

If someone pushes you the human reaction is to push back. Gravity exerts that kind of pressure every hour of every day, like a persistent poke in the chest with every tick of the Clock. The relentless pull that staples us to the ground is also a bit of a brutality that contributes to the aging process. Over time it pulls us down, and down, and down. I’m sure at some point you have looked in the mirror at your face (or your ass) and thought “What the hell is going on here?”  Well it’s going on. We can’t stop the aging process and living in zero G has its own set of problems so the solution is to push back. HARD. We need to throw everything into the fray because gravity and time are ever busy doing their work.
Get on a program, get into a routine and engage the enemy at the wall because once it comes over (and it will) you will have a devil of a time getting back to the other side.
Lift weights. Push back. Do it today. What have you got to lose?
Not a thing in the world.