April 10, 2018 tonybo8_wp

Lunch on the Hop!

     The span of time from 1 to 4pm often features a period of low energy and assuming that you are getting enough sleep at night this daily hurdle can be a challenge. Two things seem to me to be the major cause of the postmeridian malaise; number one being the lack of physical activity and number two is lunch. (Too little of the former and too much of the latter.) A workout at mid-day instead of eating and sitting is an obvious solution but this can be a tall order for some people due to on the job logistics. There is however a lunchtime twist you can add and it takes very little in the way of special preparation. Eat a light lunch WHILE you go for a walk. Yes, that’s right, walk and eat. Let’s call it Lunch on the Hop! Pairing these together is also a one hand washes the other situation. You will most assuredly have time for exercise and it will be tough to over eat because the food you have with you is the food you have with you. (Stopping to buy more is a no no!) If the weather is nice the sunlight and fresh air alone can be enough to improve your outlook. A 30 to 45 minute walk while you munch on a sandwich is a lock to jump-start your afternoon energy level, I can almost guarantee it. Try Lunch on the Hop! for a couple of days and I think you will feel more energetic as you run the gauntlet that stands between lunch time and dinner. What have you got to lose? At the very least, while you walk you can work on your tan a bit.